Our Team

Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust is an initiative of Smt. Manju Gupta along with Gupta Family and close associates of the late Shri Ramesh Gupta. Comprised of people experienced in various sectors across Nepal, the team drives a benevolent vision of cancer treatment and awareness for the less fortunate.

Smt. Manju Gupta –    Founder

Smt Manju Gupta is loving wife of the Late Shri Ramesh Gupta.  She is a social activist who has organized several Blood donation camps and carried out other Social Welfare activities.

“As a caregiver I felt a great sense of helplessness watching my husband fight brain Tumor Cancer and then pass away from the disease. His diagnosis and death after one and half year later changed the course of my life and set me on a mission to a calling I never knew existed before.  Pray to god through this trust I can be able to light a candle of hope for cancer fighters.”

Mr. Rohit Gupta – Chairman

Younger Son of the Late Shri Ramesh Gupta; Mr. Rohit Gupta is Young Entrepreneur and Vice Chairman responsible for Business Development of Ramesh Corp.  He oversees the direction and supervision of the Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust.

”We feel a strong sense of responsibility towards our society; we strive to build a better and healthy Nepali society where terrible diseases like cancer would be a thing of the past”

Mr. Satish Kumar More – Director

Mr. Satish K. More is close associate of the Late Shri Ramesh Gupta and Gupta Family. He is the Chairman of Lucky Group and Sr. Vice President of CNI (Confederation of Nepalese Industries). As an advisor Mr. More brings a vast cluster of experience and guidance to the team. He was a close friend of the late Shri Ramesh Gupta, in such manner he brings important counsel to the team, contributing to the central vision of Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust.

Mr. Pawan Golyan – Director

A very close friend of Lt. Shri Ramesh Gupta, Mr Pawan Golyan and family are like extended family members of Gupta Family. He is Chairman of Golyan Group of Companies and Nepal Merchant Bank(NMB). Mr. Golyan enjoys an excellent reputation across Nepal and also serves the society through his charitable work at Jayant Foundation. With his vast experience and association with the financial sectors of the country, Mr. Golyan advises Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust on key issues that are involved in being a successful and effective charity.

Sanjay Agrawal

Mr. Sanjay Agrawal – Director

Mr. Sanjay Agrawal is a young business entrepreneur and a pioneer in Mobile & Consumer Durable industry. He is an expert in Construction Tools and Hardware business.He has played an instrumental role in the creation of several national and international mobile companies in Nepal, including Colors, Spice, HTC, Blackberry, Gionee, and Xiaomi. He is currently the Executive Director of Ramesh Corp.Mr. Agrawal not only successfully launched various mobile brands but also became a Vice President of the policy determining body Mobile Phone Importer’s Association (MPIA) that made national-level policies for the development of the whole mobile sector, which is currently 3rd largest trading business of Nepal. Recently, he has been appointed as President of Nepal Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI) where he is making great efforts to develop the new business possibilities between these two nations (Nepal and the Italy).

Mr. Paratik Jalan – Director

He is a business partner and close friend of the Gupta Family. Mr. Jalan is spearheading telecommunication, IT and ecommerce businesses within Ramseh Corp as an Executive Director. Mr Pratik Jalan brings the 21st century to the team; along with Mr Rohit Gupta, They utilize modern technologies and tools to further the Trust’s vision of cancer treatment and prevention of the less fortunate.