About Us

Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust is a not profit & non- political organization; we are an institute that is focused purely on social, humanitarian and charitable welfare of impoverished cancer patients.

Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust was established in September, 2018 in the fond memory of Late. Shri Ramesh Gupta, a well-known Nepali industrialist and philanthropist, who passed away in April 2018 after battling cancer for one and a half years.

We are an NPO based in Kathmandu, Nepal, working towards creating public awareness about cancer, providing financial aid to economically challenged patients, organizing counseling and support for cancer patients and their families, and supporting any other form of activity associated with the fight against cancer. Additionally, we initiate different aspects of our resources in order to help prevent cancer, by instigating medical and health care programs into rural communities, building and supporting awareness camp as well as educating the general public about cancer and its treatments.

Our motto and it’s inspiration.

“Seva Parmo Dharma”- a quote from the Bhagwat Gita meaning “Service is the highest religion” is the main slogan of Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust; a resilient belief in the philosophy that service of society in any form is service for the nation and service of the needy is service to God.

The Ramesh Gupta Memorial Trust is registered under Company Registration Act, 2063 and affiliate with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. The trust is essentially a CSR initiative of a joint effort between the Lucky Group and Gupta Family.

The trust has been doing sterling work fighting against cancer across Nepal. We have been continuously occupied with researching and helping cancer patient to beat and overcome their terrible situation. Eventually we want to be a beacon of hope for thousands of under privileged cancer patient who have innumerable difficulties overcoming the disease.